StoryVoice™ Workshops

We Are Storytellers

We are storytellers, marketers and content creators. StoryVoice™ is a framework and a storytelling structure that guides a good story, holds it together and helps you develop great content for your collateral, marketing and communications.

But it’s not a formula, rather it’s a form into which individual situations and circumstances can be plugged, so the story that emerges is totally unique. It’s your story. That makes the StoryVoice™ structure perfect in a marketing and communications setting.

How is StoryVoice Presented & Delivered?

We hold workshops – either in-person (live) at our co-workspace offices in North Sydney or at your place.


We also provide consulting services, where we work directly with you and your team to uncover your unique story, organise it using the StoryVoice framework and then telling it across all your stakeholder touch points. This can reinvigorate your marketing, boost your communications and multiply connections with your target audience. What’s the outcome? StoryVoice™ will help your business or organisation connect, engage and grow.

Research shows that communities who use the StoryVoice™ methodology find they achieve better engagement and much clearer communications. (Forbes survey 2018)


Our coaching course is in development and coming soon. It’s a 4 week immersion into the storytelling technique and framework that will re-invigorate your messages, your marketing and your communications. Call or email now for more details

Who’s Behind the StoryVoice™ Method?

Jonathan Watcham, an experienced marketing consultant, brand strategist, content creator and storyteller.

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience working in advertising, marketing and communications. He’s worked for big agencies and run his own consultancy businesses.

Register Now

Head over to our Eventbrite page now and find a suitable workshop. We run live workshops in North Sydney on the second, third and fourth Thursday of each month form 6pm to 9pm.


Online Training

We’re currently working on an online version and a course that will take participants to a deeper level. Ask us about online options now, or ways we can connect with you and your team via video conference. We’ll let you know when our learning management system and platform is ready to go.